Termites in Texas


Termite Colony

Termites are social insects which means they rely upon each individual in the colony for survival. Termites need cellulose (typically wood) moisture and warmth to survive. A colony consists of a Queen, King, Soldiers, Workers and Reproductives. Typical colonies contain around 250,000 workers although studies have found colonies with over 1 million workers.

New colonies are formed when winged reproductive females and males emerge from a mature colony (four to five years old) and take flight. These termites are commonly called swarmers. After a short flight the swarmer returns to the ground, drops it’s wings and searches for a mate, preferably from a different parent colony.
termite swarm

Termite Swarms

Large swarms of winged insects inside and/or around the home are the most obvious sign of termite activity. As a general rule, subterranean termites normally swarm in the daytime, when it is sunny, and often right after it rains. 

Live termites in wood construction elements such as baseboards, window and door frames, wall studs and more. Termites are sometimes found while doing home remodeling or repair. Worker termites are small, whitish creatures that will quickly move away when exposed to light.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites live up to 20 feet underground in colonies throughout the United States. Southern states typically have higher termite concentrations. Termite pressure in the Houston metropolitan area ranges from heavy to very heavy making it necessary to call this Houston Texas termite control service.