Animal Trapping

Houston Animal Control & Wildlife

We love wildlife, but when they enter your attic or are destructive, they’re more than just a nuisance. Even Coyotes have moved into the Houston area and are posing a threat to your pets and small children.

We’re Experts at trapping, removal, and excluding all sorts of animals from Squirrels to Raccoons to Armadillos, Coyotes, Ducks, Geese, Snakes and other creatures that have become pests.

We HUMANELY LIVE TRAP and gently remove and relocate animals whenever possible. Our goal is simply to remove the animals from your home, business, or grounds where they may be causing damage and to relocate them to where they will be safe and happy.

We can assess the damage they have caused and repair or seal areas so that this problem won’t happen again. Ask us about a Preventative Exclusion to keep out these unwanted pests now and in the future.

Squirrels Wildlife Control

squirrels Squirrels are probably the #1 culprit for damage in the Houston area. They love to nest in attics almost anytime of the year. Their chewing on wires is a fire hazard and their droppings and urine can create horrible odors as well.

Squirrel dropping are associated with Salmonella and Leptospirosis. They carry fleas and other parasites that may enter into your home through ceiling lights or even air conditioning ducts that are not well sealed. You and your family and pets can then be bitten by fleas or mites or other small parasites.

Sometimes the destruction they cause in an attic may require removal and replacement of insulation as part of the clean up. If you have squirrels…don’t wait, Call us Now to live trap, remove, and relocate these critters.


Coyotes Wildlife Control

coyotesCoyotes are becoming a serious problem in the Houston area. If you are jogging in Memorial Park, it is best to leave you small pets at home.

Coyotes are roaming into the yards in River Oaks and Memorial and have killed pets.


Armadillos Wildlife Control

armadillo If you see digging in your garden or flower beds, it could be Armadillos. The 9-Banded Armadillo is expanding it’s range and is found throughout most of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Adults may be 2-3 feet long, weigh 15-17lbs, and are brownish-gray.

The vast majority of their diet is insects, but they will eat other small animals (e.g. mammals or lizards). Armadillos are mainly nocturnal, but may be active during the day. They usually run away from danger and hide in temporary shallow dens they have dug. If they are cornered, they may curl up into a ball with their hard outer “shell” covering the soft parts of their bodies. They can cause a lot of damage to turf and landscaped areas as they dig for insects such as grubs.

Armadillos usually mate in summer, and bear young in late February to early April the next year.

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