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We’re NOT your Average Pest Control Company!


We Will Exceed Your Expectations!

  • All Employees must undergo a comprehensive criminal background check, driving history, psychological and aptitude testing before ever showing up to service your account.
  • Companies must have a drug-free workplace policy that not only prohibits illegal drugs, but also requires employees to notify management if they are using prescribed medication that may impair their judgment, driving ability, performance or behavior.
  • Motor vehicle record checks must be conducted on all employees that drive a company vehicle or a personal vehicle for company business.
  • Each employee that shows up to your residence or business is required to adhere to a strict uniform dress code and service vehicle maintenance and appearance policy. (We want to make a great first impression…no leaking oil on your driveway or dirty boots on your carpet!)
  • We provide you with a warranty/service agreement that clearly outlines the scope of service in BOLD type on the first page of the contract.
  • Clear communication practices must be followed, including procedures for contacting the customer to schedule the inspection and notification.
  • Sales and service technicians must first meet testing minimums before they are eligible to work on your account.We feel that testing and training are among the most important aspects of any service industry.
  • The n environmental stewardship aspect that requires companies to offer integrated pest Management services (IPM) to its customers. If you would like more information on what “IPM” means, just ask your service provider.
  • Advertising practices are put in place to ensure that companies don’t make false claims when soliciting your business. No images, words or misleading terminology!
  • We have insurance & Bonding in place for workers comp, general liability and vehicles.



From Bats in the belfry to Snakes in the grass, Debugger Pest Control professionals have been solving pest control problems for a while.

Family Owned & Operated

We are one of the largest family owned and operated pest control companies in the Houston area and #1 in Quality. We are capable of meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers yet retain the flexibility to customize programs to meet individual needs.

Local Headquarters

Our customers don’t have to call a national headquarters to get results. Our headquarters are right here, in the community, and we are always available to assist our customers.


The State of Texas recognizes three levels of training for pest control personnel. Apprentice, Licensed Technician and the highest level being a Certified Applicator. Unlike most companies; our field staff are all trained and rated at the highest level of Certified Applicator. And when we hire new field staff; our goal is to help them become a Certified Applicator ASAP.

Our customers need and expect our trained service staff to be able to think on their own and not just perform like trained monkeys. Our Service Specialists receive hundreds of hours of training in the classroom and out in the field. Our dedication to having the best trained professionals doesn’t stop there. Our staff attends continuing education classes on issues ranging from pesticide safety to insect biology to environmental responsibility.

You can rest assured that your Debugger Pest Control Professional is the best at protecting your safety and property.

Cutting Edge Technology

Debugger Pest Control is one of only a few select companies chosen to bring the latest proven technology for termite control to our customers.  Debugger Pest Control is one of the few companies offering “Green” pest control technology using nature’s own products or insect growth regulators that are specific to the insect and not harmful to people or pets. For example, our Mosquito Misters use a food grade Rosemary/Wintergreen/ Peppermint oil to rid your backyard of mosquitos.

Service By Appointment

Why can’t everyone treat their customers like this? We know your time is valuable and we won’t waste it.


Your service is backed by staff biologists and entomologists as well as experts from the National Pest Control Association and leading universities. Debugger Pest Control’s membership in local and national professional organizations ensures the highest standards of professionalism and integrity are maintained.