bee hiveWe have removed bee hives from residential home walls, high rise buildings, even oil refinery pipes and tubing, billboards, and school buildings.

You never know, in advance how large the hive is going to be. That is why we charge our customers by the hour in 15 minute increments (with a one hour minimum). This way you are not overcharged for a job that may only take an hour or two.

Bees begin swarming in early March and some of the first areas to notice bee problems in the Houston Area and require bee control are:

  • Katy Texas Bees
  • Sugar Land Bees
  • Richmond Bees
  • Rosenberg Bees
  • Cinco Ranch Bees

Bees that have invaded your walls can cause tremendous damage as well as pose a danger to your family, pets, or tenants.

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What’s the Solution?

Some Pest Control companies will only spray the bees to kill them; but what happens to the hive and honey? The dead bees, melting honey and wax not only attract insects and rodents, the honey may cause structural or sheetrock damage as it melts. In addition, the odor that the bees leave will attract other bees to the area.

Bees that have a hive in your wall void are best removed completely. Most of the time we are able to gain access to the wall void and remove the bees, hive, and honey for a complete and thorough job.