Pest Control

Does your family have asthma or allergies? Because many of our customers do have these issues as well as young children and pets, We operate differently than most pest control companies and offer a variety of Houston Pest Control Services customized for our customers.

We DO NOT Spray Baseboards and haven’t for over 25+ years. There is no scientific reason to treat homes that way for effective pest control. We use mostly insect baits or dusts in wall voids and areas where insects live and breed. We also concentrate on treating the outside perimeter of your home to help keep insects from coming inside.

Our Natural Houston Pest Control Services begin with thorough inspections of your home and property to locate potential problem areas.

We developed a customized pest control program that meets your needs. Each home is unique in structure and construction. Part of our Houston Texas Pest Control service includes treating and inspecting the outside, not only to keep pests from coming in, but also to check for termites and to let our customers be aware of conditions that might encourage insects or termites.