Mosquito Control Houston TX

Mosquito Control Systems will examine the area to be protected by the system. We will determine any specific needs you may have in designing a system to eliminate your mosquito and flying insect problems. In our section of the country, we have some unique situations with an abundance of surface water, heavy vegetation and a semi-tropical climate with an extended rainy season. If you are looking for the best mosquito control company, we are the leading company in Houston,TX, Information can be found here.

Custom Design

Every Mosquito Control System is designed on-site to give maximum protection. The system consists of components including a combination of direct and angled nozzles to provide complete perimeter coverage. We may utilize fence lines, trees, pool cages or house exteriors to develop the coverage needed for complete protection.  


  • Licensed Pest Control Company solving your Mosquito Problems!
  • No problems around Family, Pets and Plants
  • Won’t Harm Brick, Stucco or Wood
  • Reduces Risk of Mosquito Spread Diseases
  • Custom Designed to Maximize Effectiveness
  • Most Components are Hidden From View
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Totally Automatic Distribution System
  • TWO (2) Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Extended Warranty Available
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


Once a system is designed and approved by the property owner, we will install it in a single day in most cases. Our commitment is to install the system with the least disruption to the surrounding environment. We run all high-pressure tubing either underground or along ledges and building faces to keep it as ‘invisible’ as possible. The reservoir will be placed in an unobtrusive area where there is a 110V AC outlet. See here for information about Bird Control Houston TX

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